Museo Civico Archeologico "Pietro e Turiddo Lotti" | Comune di Ischia di Castro (VT) - Assessorato alla Cultura

Prehistory – Ferrante Rittatore Vonwiller Room

The first visible room, upon entering the “Pietro and Turiddo Lotti” Archaeological Museum in Ischia di Castro, is dedicated to Prehistory: in the room dedicated to Prof. Ferrante Rittatore Vonwiller, artifacts from the Settecannelle Cave and from other localities studied by the professor are on display, with finds dating back to the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Copper and Bronze Ages.

La storia del Museo Archeologico Lotti di Ischia di Castro
Prehistory – Ferrante Rittatore Vonwiller Room of the Civic Archaeological Museum “Pietro e Turiddo Lotti” in Ischia di Castro (VT)

Main finds:

Preistoria - Museo Civico Archeologico Pietro e Turiddo Lotti di Ischia di Castro
  • “Elafo” deer antler, a breed now extinct (Paleolithic);;
  • Pendants and jewelry, furniture art, engraved tools (Paleolithic);
  • Pottery with impressed decoration (Neolithic)
  • Ritual burial of child about 12 years old (Neolithic);
  • Flask vessels of the Rinaldone Civilization (Copper Age)
  • Cinerary urns with their tufa cases (Bronze Age)