Roman Age

Museo Civico Archeologico "Pietro e Turiddo Lotti" | Comune di Ischia di Castro (VT) - Assessorato alla Cultura

Roman Age – “Pietro and Turiddo Lotti” Civic Archaeological Museum of Ischia di Castro (VT)

The Seventh Hall of the Museum shows artifacts from the Romanization of the territory of Ischia di Castro.

Seventh Room – Roman Age – “Pietro and Turiddo Lotti” Civic Archaeological Museum – Ischia di Castro

There are some finds from the locality “Fontanelle”: clay ceramics such as jugs, vases and amphorae and black-painted ceramics of open forms, such as bowls and plates.

Very interesting, for their evidence of daily life, are the finds from the Roman Villa of Selvicciola, with objects that were used and then thrown into a cistern: coins, jugs, oil lamps, dishes, later found by archaeologists.

A travertine well vera and a marble table support (trapezophore) provide other clues to life in the Selvicciola villa in Roman times.

Sepulchral inscriptions in the lapidarium also tell of the life and characters of the ancient settlement between the 1st and 3rd centuries AD.