Archaeological Civic Museum
"Pietro e Turiddo Lotti"

Ischia di Castro (VT)

Prehistoric, Etruscan, Roman-Longobard, medieval and Renaissance artifacts from the territory

The Museum

The Civic Archaeological Museum “Pietro and Turiddo Lotti” collects archaeological and historical-artistic artifacts from the municipal territory of Ischia di Castro (VT).

The museum collection has grown over time, around a donation made by the Stendardi – Lotti Family to the Municipality of Ischia di Castro, and today includes prehistoric materials from Settecannelle, important Etruscan-era grave goods, finds from the Roman-Longobard site of Selvicciola, from the ancient town of Castro and from the Hermitage of Poggio Conte.


The Collection

In the “Pietro and Turiddo Lotti” Civic Archaeological Museum in Ischia di Castro you can find archaeological finds and works of art from the municipal area, from Prehistory to the Renaissance!

A series of thematic rooms, arranged in succession on the two floors of the Museum, will take you on a discovery of the history of the territory and the people who lived there in the past.


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