Longobard Age

Museo Civico Archeologico "Pietro e Turiddo Lotti" | Comune di Ischia di Castro (VT) - Assessorato alla Cultura

Longobard Age – “Pietro and Turiddo Lotti” Archaeological Civic Museum of Ischia di Castro (VT)

Eighth Hall – Longobard Age

Leaving behind the Hall with the Roman-age finds, one encounters the evidence of the Longobard Age, again from the locality Selvicciola, and dating back to the 6th – 7th centuries AD.

The objects on display – shield umbones, swords, knives, tell of a warrior people; but there are also jewelry, combs and brooches, and female decorative objects.

Along the way, the reconstruction of two tombs containing the original skeletons of the owners, with different types of roofing (cappuccina style, with tiles and roof tiles or with a slab) catch the eye.